5 star hotel Reykjavik

Welcome to Iceland. The most northern capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, lies just beneath the polar circle. The city only sees about four hours of sunlight in winter, but in summer they will have about 22 hours of sunlight. The city is surrounded by a volcanic landscape and the crystal clear ocean is close by. The history of Iceland dates from the 9th century (when the first Vikings arrived from Scandinavia and decided to stay there.)

Reykjavik, the most prominent city of Iceland

Reykjavik is the largest town situated in the south-west of Iceland. The population can be compared with the number of people living in a small town or village in the USA or Europe. But on the scale of organizing activities, culture, innovation, dining out and adventure, Reykjavik can be seen as one of the big cities. Reykjavik is known for its many cultural activities. All year round you can enjoy live music, art, restaurants, design, shops, festivals, museums, conferences and of course the night life activities and many more. Any tourist who would like to stay in a five star hotel in Reykjavik is right. It is a beautiful city to visit and a great town to be in at any season.


Five star hotel Reykjavik is a modern building situated in the sizzling centre of this metropolitan and is close to the old harbour. The name of this five star hotel is: Black Pearl Reykjavik. Most reviewers agree that this is the best hotel that Iceland has to offer. When you visit Iceland, Black Pearl is the place to be. There is no restaurant, swimming pool or spa on the premises, but guests will be given the opportunity to go and enjoy these services off-site, after making a reservation at the janitor’s office.


The exclusive suites are available for 2 up to 6 persons. The size can be compared with a luxurious apartment provided with premium beds and bedding. There will also be a fully equipped kitchen to your exposal. And, of course, you will have access to an LCD TV with satellite channels, internet and WIFI. Every suite has a furnished balcony. There is also a possibility to separate the rooms so parents can have a bit more privacy while they enjoy their stay with their children. The bathroom has a diversity in luxury products. Other standard features are a minibar, an espresso machine and free local phone calls. The suits are decorated in a modern Scandinavian style.

Exclusive Suites

Black Pearl Apartments Reykjavik
Deluxe Suite 4 guests