Harbour hotel Reykjavik

Our hotel is situated at the old harbour of Reykjavik. The shops and other sides are in walking distance. The hotel Reykjavik offers different kind of accommodation. They have the Deluxe suite with a maximum of 6 persons and a Deluxe suite with a maximum of 4 persons. They have a Penthouse with a maximum of 5 persons, a Standard suite with a maximum of 4 persons and they have a Junior suite with a maximum of 2 persons. Every apartment offers a spacious living room with a state of the art kitchen, bathroom(s) and bedroom(s).Depending on the suite you choose there is also a dining room and/or terrace. And possibly a pri
vate entrance through an elevator. 

The service that the Harbour hotel Reykjavik provides is very expanded. From housekeeping to using the concierge desk, from breakfast in-suite to diner a la carte, the hotel has it all. The concierge gladly helps out with questions, making reservations for trips and he can even hire a babysitter. When it is time to relax you can go to the beauty salon for your hair, nails, make-up and massages. There is also a spa, gym and swimming pool in the hotel. There are many possibilities for honeymoons, events and meetings. When you have a question about one of these possibilities, feel free to contact us.

So are you looking for a place to stay that has got it all for a traveller on holiday in Iceland? Look no further. Hotel Iceland Reykjavik, also known as hotel Black Pearl Reykjavik, has everything you wish for when travelling to Iceland. The hotel is situated from a short walking distance from the harbour, museum, the church and the city’s library. And Keflavik airport is about a three quarter of an hour drive from the hotel.

Exclusive Suites

Black Pearl Apartments Reykjavik
Deluxe Suite 4 guests